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If you are interested in working with FunWeddings or have any questions, please reach out. We will try to answer as soon as possible!


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Greetings future newlyweds

We're sure you have plenty of questions as you plan and prepare for your big day. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions.

  • We don't know the exact details of our wedding yet. Can we still book a service?
    We get it! There's a *lot* to juggle when planning a wedding. Much of the time things depend on other people/venues schedules, and you might find yourself signing off on things later than you'd originally hoped. Fear not, love bugs, because things typically all fall into place once the big decisions are made! It's important that you have a date for your wedding, before booking. We can't help you to the best of our abilities without that information. But once you have a date, go ahead and give us a shout; the rest we'll figure out together.
  • How long will it take to hear back from you?
    Thanks so much for getting in touch! We usually reply back in a few days from when you first submitted your information above. If it takes additional time, we're busy matchmaking you to your ideal FW Team Member. A lot of times our emails will go to your Junk Mail so *please* check there first. If there's nothing there either, you're always welcome to try again. We appreciate your patience and can't wait to connect!
  • How do we meet our FW Team Member?
    Great question! It depends on them. Everyone on our team lives in different locations around southern Ontario. We leave it to them to decide where/how and when you'll meet to talk about your wedding. It may be at a cafe, office, or from the comfort of your own home, virtually. If you have a preference, please let your Team Member know when they connect with you.
  • Do we need to bring anything when we meet our FW Team Member?
    You’re welcome to bring along any special requests or ideas you’ve envisioned for your ceremony – but no pressure! When you connect you'll see our stress-free process to craft your amazing wedding. If you decide we’re a good fit, we have everything needed to get the wedding ball rolling!
  • How soon should we book your services?
    Best to check off this box as soon as you have a date and location confirmed. We get booked up quickly (especially our Saturdays). We will of course always try to accommodate any last minute requests.
  • How does this all work exactly?
    Great question! We're a team of wedding service providers who love love. The second you submit your information above, it's sent to our FW administrator - we love you, Jennifer! - and they check for people's availability the day of your future nuptials. When they've confirmed someone is good-2-go that day, they'll ask that team member to contact you. You'll get an email, call or text from that Team Member to set up a time and day for a consultation. Let's say it's an hour after you meet and chatted about your ideas and desires for your wedding day with a Team Member. You're thinking, "We *really* liked them and how much information they provided without overwhelming us. LET'S BOOK THEM!" First, that's amazing! Second, 🥰. Let our FW administrator know ( and they'll get you all set up with a Couple's Portal where you can pay the booking fee, sign a contract, see your invoice, etc. Once the booking process is done, our admin will let your officiant/planner/videographer/DJ/band/photographer know and they'll get back in touch with you. Then it's up to you and your needs how much you stay in contact with them leading up to your wedding. Our planner keeps the closest contact and the rest of the Team is unique to the service they provide.

Fill out the information below and we'll be

in touch to arrange that with you.

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